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Affiliate Program
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Welcome to our affiliate program.

Q - What is the Rhino Labs Commerce Affiliate program?

A- Rhino Labs affiliate network is growing each and every day, we send top dollars on check each month. Just place the Rhino Lab Commerce and text links on your web site and when a visitor clicks through and purchases Green Rhino Power, you will receive a check in the mail. Easy money!


Q - What will Rhino Labs Commerce provide it's affiliates?


A - A secure log in page to manage your account with us. (balances, profile, banners)


Q - Who are we seeking to partner with?


A - Anyone wanting to generate additional income through their current web site.


Q - What can you earn as an affiliate?


A - Become an Rhino Labs Commerce affiliate and earn generous commissions for every client you refer.


    * For each new customer that signs up for our services through your web site or recommendation, Rhino Labs Commerce will send you a check for 10% of the total sale in a check or products of your choice.

Q - Is there any initial money outlay?


A - No, none at all, completely FREE to sign up. Just send us customers and we will send you check!


Rhino Labs Commerce is dedicated to provide the best business shopping cart software and customer service in our industry. Our affiliate program gives you fantastic potential in making serious commissions on a growing industry.


Our merchants are growing each and every day because it's so easy to set up and create your online store quickly and professionally. Rhino Labs Commerce shopping cart software is extremely automated making sales conversions. No contact to  Rhino Labs Commerce is actually needed to close a sale.


Once the form below is submitted you will receive a confirmation email. You will either be accepted or declined as an affiliate in our system. On a welcome email you will be provided with an admin panel to retrieve image, text and product banners for your website.


If you have further questions regarding our affiliate program, please contact us.


Please review our affiliate terms and conditions before signing up.


- Cookie based tracking

- 6 months cookie expiry for all affiliates


Terms and Conditions Of The Rhino Labs Commerce Affiliate Program


This document contains the terms and conditions that apply to a participant in the Commerce affiliate program.


You may enroll in the program online by filling in and submitting the registration form. You will be issued with an affiliate administration panel and ID, however we reserve the right to terminate your membership if we determine, in our sole discretion, that your site is unsuitable for the program. Unsuitable sites include but are not limited to, for example, sites that:

  promote sexually explicit materials

  promote violence

  promote discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age

  promote illegal activities or violate intellectual property rights

  from applicants who we prefer not to be associated with.

We grant you a non-exclusive, revocable right to use our present banners and other such images for which we grant express permission, for the purpose of identifying your site as a program participant and linking to our site. You may not modify the banners or any of our images in any way without our express permission.

We reserve all of our rights to our trade names and trademarks and all other intellectual property rights.


Unsolicited email (SPAM)

We will not tolerate the sending of unsolicited bulk emails that promote, or make reference to Rhino Labs Commerce, or any of its associated companies, Partners, or employees. Other prohibited forms of advertising include postings to non-commercial newsgroups and cross-posting to multiple newsgroups at once. In addition, affiliates may not advertise in any way that effectively conceals or misrepresents their identity, their domain name or their return email address.

Any affiliate who, in our opinion, breaches this ruling will have their affiliate status canceled immediately and any and all outstanding commissions WILL BE FORFEITED.

 Stay Safe, Don't SPAM.

 We will NOT revoke affiliate status to avoid payment of owed or future commissions.

 Unprofessional Conduct

 Rhino Labs Commerce operates with the strictest codes of professional conduct. Any affiliate who brings Rhino Labs Commerce or its associates into disrepute, or who promotes any form of slander or unfair business practices, will have their affiliate status canceled and any outstanding commissions will be forfeited.

We reserve the right to reject any affiliate application if in our opinion, that person or company violates established laws or commonly held standards of decency.

An affiliate who ignores warnings to cease and desist any activities we deem negligent, inappropriate, or harmful to Rhino Labs Commerce and or other affiliates will be terminated.


Order Processing

We will be solely responsible for processing every order for our products. Customers will use our secure online ordering process. Order forms, payment processing, shipping, cancellations, returns, and related customer service are our responsibility.

All of our rules, operating procedures and policies regarding customer orders and accounts will apply to orders we receive through special links on your site. We reserve the right to reject any order that does not comply with our rules, operating procedures and policies.

Every customer who buys our product or service through this program is deemed to be a customer of ours. You do not have the authority to make or accept any offer on our behalf. All our policies regarding customer orders, pricing and problem resolution will apply to these customers. We are not responsible for any representations made by you that contradict our policies.

You may order our products and services for your own personal use through your affiliate link.

 Sales Tracking

We will be solely responsible for tracking sales we make to customers who follow links from your website. Reports of your sales activity will be available to you by logging on to your personal affiliate admin panel provided when you first sign up to Rhino Labs Commerce's affiliate program.  The only entities that have access to your statistics and affiliate information are you, and us (Rhino Labs Commerce).



We will provide you with a unique identifying URL for you to link to. Each sale or referral that is generated from this URL will be attributed to you. You will have access to your own private section to check your statistics in real time. Your links to the unique URL can be text links or image links, or a combination of the two, at your sole discretion. If you choose image links, you must use our images. We will email the images to you upon acceptance of your application. You may add as many links to Rhino Labs Commerce, or remove such links, at anytime and without prior approval from us.

Inactive affiliates may be removed from participation in the program. Inactive means little or no "click-troughs" via your unique affiliate ID for a period of sixty (60) days (as monitored via our affiliate program administrative panel), and/or non-placement of affiliate image/text ads. We may contact you after thirty (30) days of inactivity. Efforts may be made to help and encourage your participation in the program.

We will provide you with instructions on how to properly format the links. You are responsible for ensuring the links are formatted correctly. This will ensure accurate tracking of sales for credit to your account. Every effort will be made to ensure that our site is functional and available for customers referred to our site through your affiliate link.

We have NO responsibilities with regard to your site. Rhino Labs Commerce shall have no liability for any indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages or any loss of revenue or profits arising under or with respect to this agreement or the program. In addition, Rhino Labs Commerce aggregate liability arising under or with respect to this agreement or the program shall in no event exceed total referral fees paid or payable to the affiliate under this agreement.


Payment of Commissions

We will pay you 10%   for any and all purchases made by a customer referred by your "affiliate link" through our banners or text links (Not including shipping charge). Monthly fees will be paid to you if any of your referrals make an affiliate sale with Rhino Labs Commerce.

We are not responsible for paying interest to affiliates for accrued, but not yet delivered commission payments.

If you nominate check as your method of payment, your payment will be made out to you and mailed to the address you provide at sign-up. (you will be able to modify your address and contact information via your private affiliate area)

Any payments made to you will be after your referrals 15 Day free trial is over to ensure no refund is due and once your account reaches over a balance of $65.00 USD

All payments and balance reports found in the affiliate’s admin panel will be converted and shown in American dollars only.

Term of the Agreement

The term of this agreement will begin upon our acceptance of your affiliate program application and your placement of our banner or textual link on your site and will end when terminated by either party. Either you or we may terminate this agreement at any time, by giving the other party written notice of termination. This will be in the form of "email". You can only earn referral fees on sales occurring during the term. We will never withhold any payment due. Payment of monies owed you will be payable on the same schedule as stated above for commission payment. Upon termination of this agreement, the former affiliate must remove all affiliate links and graphics from its web site, and refrain from publishing same in any manner whatsoever.



We may modify any of the terms and conditions contained in this agreement, at any time and in our sole discretion, by posting a new agreement on our site. Any modifications will also be notified, by email, to all participating affiliates. If any modification is unacceptable to you, you may terminate this agreement. Your continued participation in the program following notification of our new program will constitute binding acceptance of the change.

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